Flying High 40th Birthday Gift Ideas; 40th Birthday Ideas

Born in 1968 I'm constantly searching for 40th birthday gift ideas for my friends and family. Some are welcoming the event and others dreading it. So I tread carefully before I buy and think about the person receiving it. Personally I do steer clear of gift gags and over the hill ideas, just in case, I'd hate to offend even the slightest!

If your buying for a women, it's best to steer clear of fitness items or chocolate unless you are sure she'd appreciate it. Around 40 things start to spread and drop and us women become particularly sensitive about it! So unless you know for sure she'd like a gym membership or subscription to weight watchers, best to think again.

40th birthday gift ideas

There are 2 ways to approach 40. The first is with interpretation, dreading the day its self, as if boobs will sag and middle age spread will strike overnight. Alternatively there is the 'bring it on brigade' those who see the glass as at least half full, ready to grab what ever opportunity arises and plunge in to the next decade with 40 years of experience behind them.

The latter type will no doubt want to make the very most of their 40th birthday and create the very best memories. Surprise parties and experience days are a good bet for 40th birthday presents.

A hot air balloon ride makes a fabulous 40th birthday idea. Make their dreams come true flying high in style. If you're looking for something less pricey, how about a balloon in a box? I'm not sure what it is about helium balloons, but they seem to be an integral part of celebrating a milestone birthday. And after the event the kids seems to have a whale of a time imitating Donald Duck!

Jewellery will always be a timeless classic of a gift. Always buy the best you can afford. Tiffany's is a world renown make, I would certainly appreciate a Tiffany bracelet. (Allan, if you're reading this take note!)

Would you ever have thought of a personalised registration plate? This would make one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas. Even better if you could manage to incorporate her name or initials with the number 40!

Tell her your going out but don't say where. Then organise to be picked up in a limo and take her some-where really special for dinner.

OK, this one's a little different and you'll a spare corner of you garden and friendly neighbours. Buy her some chickens! Not only will they be the most original 40th birthday gift ideas, but you'll have fresh eggs for years.

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