40th Birthday Celebration Ideas, 40th Birthday Celebrations, Fortieth Birthday Ideas

Oh no, it's time to start looking for 40th birthday celebration ideas. Of course you could let the day slip by un-noticed, but that would be a complete waste of a really good excuse for a party.

Do not dread it, celebrate a 40th birthday in style, after all you may not even be half way there yet! If a party is not your thing and you don't need 40th birthday party ideas, there are many other kinds of 40th birthday celebrations.

40th birthday celebration ideas

My friends husband hired her a male cleaner to celebrate her 40th birthday! She was delighted to find when he arrived that he was blessed in the body and looks department. Wearing a tight t-shirt over his muscles he spent the day hoovering, dusting, cleaning the oven and even cooked dinner. I loved this idea, although for some reason my husband wasn't quite as keen on it. What a great way to get your house cleaned I say!

When I was 20 I thought 40 was really old and that would be about the end of the road. Then you get to 40 and realise how young it really is.

This happened to a some-one at work, lucky lady! She received a massive bouquet with a message asking her to collect a cake from the bakers. It was her birthday cake. The baker gave her a note saying to go to the customer service desk as the department store. At the store there was a personal shopper waiting for her with a voucher. She spent the next hour trying on new outfits, and left with a gorgeous dress, and an instruction to collect some prints from the photographers. At the photographers she was treated to a makeover and photo shoot. Her final instruction was to go to a restaurant for 7pm, where her boy friend was waiting for her. They spent a romantic candle lit dinner together, and of course she looked fabulous. He has a lot to live up to next year!

40th birthday celebration ideas don't need to be as complicated as this though. The very simplest of ideas can make the most memorable day. Spending time with friends or loved ones is something none of do enough of, by far.

My husband says one of his best birthdays was the simplest. We both took the day off work and had a lie in! We went for brunch at a local harbour cafe. Luckily it was a lovely day so we sat out side. We spent ages watching the boats in the harbour and chatting. Then we went for a romantic walk along the beach and had a bit of a teenage snog!

Having a quiet day like this followed by a family meal at a restaurant later makes the perfect 40th birthday. Ensure the restaurant knows it's a special event, and supplies (or uses those supplied) table decorations, cake and candles.

I hope this inspired you with some 40th birthday celebration ideas.

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