30th Birthday Gifts for Her and Other Great 30th Birthday Ideas.

As your lady’s birthday approaches, it can seem difficult to think of 30th birthday gifts for her.

My boyfriend bought me this necklace, and I really really like it! The heart shaped pendant is simple with 3 small but distinct diamond jewels, and the chain is thin but is sturdy and elegant. I've been wearing this necklace everyday, and the length of the necklace is just right too. I would highly recommend this necklace to give to a special someone :).


However, with a bit of thought, and some carefully worded questions, you can get some 30th birthday ideas for gifts that will really put a big smile on her face.

You’ll need to take into consideration how you know her, for example if she’s your wife, your daughter or your best friend. You’ll also need to think about what stage she’s at in her life.

Some women are happily married and settled down at 30, and the gifts that you buy for them will be different to the gifts that you buy for someone single and still travelling through on her own.

Personalized Gifts

A big birthday such as someone’s 30th means that you can spend more on making their presents special. You can show that you care by personalizing your gift to her. This can either be something that you make yourself, or there are many personalized 30th birthday gifts for her online such as:

  • Wine and champagne bottles where you can edit the text that appears on the label
  • Chocolate boxes with all of her favorite chocolates in. You can also get custom shaped boxes, and again you can edit the text that goes on top of the box, and on the chocolate description sheet.

    If you're going to buy chocolate go for quality over quantity every time. Such as Organic Truffles or Helen Grace Truffle Roses in a georgeous Gift Box

Traditional Presents

For those looking for more generic 30th birthday gifts for her special day, you could buy her more traditional presents, such as:

  • Jewelry - This needs to be handled with care, as each woman has her own style and color scheme that she likes. To make sure that you’re buying her something that you know she’ll enjoy, either listen carefully when you go shopping with her, or take her out to a jewelry store and have her pick out the item that she wants.
    Personally I love this Diamond Heart Pendant and I would be delighted to receive this as a birthday gift. (Allan take note!)
  • Flowers - Each woman’s taste in flowers will be as different as her taste in jewelry.Buying her a big bunch of freshly cut flowers will always be a winner, make it extra special by hosting them in a Waterford Crystal Vase. Not only will it last forever, look beautiful and be a great investment, but ou can fill it with flowers for may years to come.

Birthday Gift Experiences

If you’re not keen on tangible 30th birthday gift ideas, you might want to think about buying her an experience. This may be a day or weekend trip to go and do something a little different. Experience ideas include:

  • A spa treatment day - Most women like to be pampered, and it’s even better when it’s done at a nice spa with some friends. Make sure that you give her enough scope to get the full range of treatments that she likes, and if she’s going with friends, ask for a bottle of champagne to be delivered to the group.
  • A weekend away with you - For that special someone, taking her away on a romantic break can be a great way to celebrate her birthday. You could go somewhere that has a particular meaning for you both, or somewhere exotic.
  • An adventure day out - Surprise her by organizing a bungee jump, hot air balloon ride or white water rafting experience for you both. These tend to be more expensive than the other gifts, but also a lot more fun. Make sure you’re there with a camera in hand.

Whatever 30th birthday gifts for her special day you choose make sure that you make a budget and stick to it. You will of course be needing a budget for 30th birthday party ideas!.

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