Planning a 21st Surprise Birthday Party, 21st Birthday Party Ideas

My best friend Gemma was totally caught out by her 21st surprise birthday party. My self and James her boyfriend organised it.

21st surprise birthday party

Considering we can never keep a secret I think we did did a great job, Gemma was totally oblivious to our plans and had absolutely no idea.

We sent out the surprise birthday party invitations about 6 weeks before the party, to allow every one plenty of time to make sure they could be there. We made it absolutely clear that the birthday was a surprise, we didn't want any one letting the cat out of the bag. All the RSPV's came to my home address or telephone number.

We made out we'd forgotten, and apart from a few happy birthday texts nothing else much happened on her birthday, a bit of a let down really.

James, planned to take her out to a local restaurant. He kept it low key and didn't make much of a fuss, I know Gemma really felt a bit bit let down, and thought he'd make more of an effort, but she didn't say anything. They stopped off to see her Granny on the way to the restaurant, giving me enough time to make the preparations.

When they were almost at the restaurant James suddenly remembered he'd forgotten his wallet and had to turn back. James asked her to go and pick up his wallet whilst he turned the car round. Unlocking the door, Gemma felt pretty fed up by now. She had the fright of her life when I turned on the light and we all shouted surprise, we were hiding in the kitchen.

Once she'd got over the shock, and it took a while, Gemma had the most brilliant 21st suprise birthday party. James's headache miraculously cleared and he handed around glasses of champagne to toast the birthday girl.

While James and Gemma had been out having a meal, I had decorated the house and arranged all the food. Including a huge birthday cake with a edible photo on the top of Gemma when she was a baby. Her Mum gave me the photo, it was so cute. About an hour into the party, we lit the candles and turned out the lights, all singing happy birthday, she thought the cake was awesome.

The finale of the evening was a fire work display in the back garden. We just brought on of those 'display in a box' type fire works. You only need light it once and we had a fabulous five minute display.

I have to admit that the stress of keeping Gemma's 21st surprise party a secret was pretty huge. Especially when she asked me and a few others if we'd go clubbing for her birthday. We all had to pretend we had other things on, and felt pretty mean, but it was all in a good cause!

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