21st Birthday Ideas, Ideas for 21st Birthday Present, Gifts for 21st Birthday

21st birthday ideas are pouring into my head, NOT!

Why is it when you're asked to think of something your mind goes blank? You spend all year coveting that funky perfume, tectonic phone, must have kitchen gadget, sexy top. Then as your birthday approaches the other half pipes up “What do you want for your birthday love?” and that's it. Curse of the birthday bogeyman. The mind is blank, void, awash with nothing, a big fat zilch.

Well it's the same when dear darling daughter rushes in to the room shrieking Mum, “21st birthday party ideas, come on, what shall I do,give me some ideas for the best 21st birthday gifts."

21st birthday ideas

OK, so my own 21st birthday wasn't so much to write home about. No big party, family meal out, limo ride or spa break for me! But it was memorable in it's own way.

Having had a row with my Mum, I was touched to receive the most intricately beautiful pair of gold and diamond drop ear rings. I still have them, they're very special to me. They were the first piece of 'expensive' jewellery I ever owned.

My Gran's ideas were always thoughtful, and her 21st birthday ideas were too. Bless her, gave me her crystal bell. I guess that sounds a little strange, But I had adored this crystal bell since I was a small child. I was never allowed to touch it, so delicate it was. Gran used to ring it for me sometimes, and I loved it's pretty tinkle. It had been on Gran's shelf since she was married. For her to give it to me was a great honour, as I knew it was special to her, a wedding gift. She'd had it engraved with 'Happy 21st'. Gifts from the heart mean so much, and will last a life time. I will pass it on to my daughter on her 21st birthday. Start a new birthday tradition!

I had nothing special planned on the evening of my 21st birthday, and had no 21st birthday ideas of my own, other than a drink at the local with my then boyfriend. I thought I'd make a bit of an effort, blue shiny snake skin leggings and black pointy boots. Well it was the eighties! The pub seemed remarkably full that evening, lots of people I hadn't seen for a while.

It was a fun night, many people to talk to. When all of a sudden, stood before me, was a half naked young man. Muscles oiled. Cheeky grin. Dressed in a leopard skin leotard. Every-one cheered and then the penny dropped. Every-one was here for my birthday and this was my Tarzanogram!

Well the rest passed in a bit of a blur! At nearly 6ft, I'm not the lightest. As 'Tarzan' read out my 21st birthday poem, and then slung me over his shoulder, there was a slight wobble in his stride. Any how, he managed to get me out of the door without too many bruises, put me back on my two feet, looked slightly awkward and then legged it off into the night. I can only assume he was paid in advance!

And that was my 21st surprise birthday party!

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