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Using our own experience for 1st birthday ideas is pretty useless. It's highly unlikely you can remember what happened on your first birthday, I'm sure I can't!

elmo 1st birthday partyIf you have already taken your baby on a tour down Sesame Street, an Elmo 1st birthday party is a great way to keep all those who are there occupied and having fun.
first birthday party plansFirst birthday party plans are really for the parents to celebrate making it through the first year of sleepless nights, never ending nappies and the end of life as we once knew it.
Therefore celebrate it in style. Show off your prodigy and his first milestone steps. Enjoy and revel in those magical first 12 months. The years go so fast, so capture the first birthday milestone as completely as you can.

Well if you're looking for 1st birthday party ideas you'll need some 1st birthday invitations. You could create a Facebook event instead of first birthday invitations. Simply design something on the PC and print it out for free, or have something a little more professional made up from a photo.

First birthday decorations will add to the overall ambience. Balloon decorating ideas for table centre pieces and arches over doors can be simple and effective without having to go to too much trouble. I like birthday banners what a cool idea.

1st birthday ideas

My friend had some great 1st birthday ideas. She took a photo of her son every month for the first 12 months, sat in his pushchair. She put these all up in the kitchen. It was amazing to see how much he'd changed in the first year, and we had fun trying to guess how many months old he was in each picture.

Take plenty of photographs. In fact if you can afford it hire a photographer. A portfolio of professional photographs will provide many years of pleasure, that will definitely outweigh the initial cost. After all you'll need some good photo's when your searching for 18th birthday party ideas!

The 1st birthday cake designs need to centre around something quite visual. Make it cute, give in the wow factor and above all make it photogenic. After all, remember that this party is for creating memories for the birthday star, and for the parents to celebrate!

Kids birthday cupcakes are a really neat idea instead of a birthday cake too. I think they're much more fun to make, visually great. No -one can complain so and so got a bigger piece, and they're much tidier!

The best place to buy 1st birthday supplies is on line. You can browse to your hearts content. I particularly like Party Delights They have a great site full of everything you could need. The photo's are good so you can really see what you're buying.

You really don't want a house full of plasticy rubbish toys. So consider something a little more sustainable for 1st birthday gift ideas. Asking people to give baby bonds or deposit into an online account if they want to send a gift is acceptable. Other wise buying something that'll last a long time such as a charm bracelet for when they are older. Adding a charm for each year celebrating significant events. Or if you can stretch to it a rocking horse or rocking chair.

Enjoy these 1st birthday ideas, because its probably the only time you'll have complete say in the birthday. Next year it'll be Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas or Dora the Explorer Birthday Parties!

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