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1st birthday gift ideas

1st Birthday Gift Ideas? Do you remember when you turned one? Of course you don't, no one can remember back that far. You have memories, but because people told you things about that day. You have a ton of photos of that big event.

Once an event is over, sometimes all you have are memories and photos. That is why it is important to give unique first birthday gifts that are meaningful and timeless.

When I turned one year old, my grandfather gave me a special gift. It was a hand made, child size, oak rocking chair. It was the perfect size for a little girl. I have many photos of that first birthday and the family party. But the photos I love the best are those of me sitting in my Child's Rocking Chair . Now, over 40 years later, that rocking chair is still in a place of honour in my bedroom.

If you are in the market for a 1st birthday gift for your little princess, buy her a special Child's Rocking Chair . A quality piece of furniture may wind up in her bedroom or living room 60 years later. To make it even more special, have a small plaque engraved with her name, birth date, and your name. That is a gift every little girl will treasure.

I admit it isn't always easy coming up with 1st birthday gift ideas. For a girl, jewellery is always appropriate. She may not wear it at one year old, but she will enjoy it as she gets older. A beautiful pair of diamond stud, 14k gold ear rings is timeless. She will still be wearing those earrings at ages 11 and 21 and 41. If you do buy jewellery, make sure it high quality 14K gold.

A Charm for Charm Bracelet also makes a wonderful 1st birthday gift for a girl. I was given one as a child and I still have it. I have been given charms over the years that represent milestones in my life, such as the birth of my brother, my first day at school, trip to the seaside etc...

A great 1st birthday gift for a boy or a girl would be birthstone jewelry. As the child grows a ring can be made larger. A small ring for a little girl could be added to a charm bracelet years down the road. Quality jewellery pieces, that can stand the test of time, can be passed down from generation to generation.

Star Babies: Discover What the Signs Have in Store for You and Your Baby

1st birthday gift ideas

A full astrological report, beautifully bound and presented, answering questions such as what will they be good at, will they make friends easily, what areas will they need guiding?

Think out of the box when you need 1st birthday gift ideas. Give a gift that will last, will bring back memories and make that child smile for many years. 1st birthday toys are ok, but you can come up with gifts that will last longer and add to the child’s wonderful memories.

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