1st Birthday Cake Designs I Recommend

Choosing from the dozens of 1st birthday cake designs available can be difficult, especially when you know that your child won’t have a clue what’s going on and why there are so many people in their house. However, 1st birthday parties serves more of a purpose for those attending, than for the children themselves.

In part it’s a celebration that they’ve survived a whole year, in part it’s a celebration of their development, and in part it’s a time for the parents to get their friends and family together for some support. While the cake may not be central to this, you’ll take pictures of it so that your child can look back at it when they get older.

Making The Cake Yourself

If you enjoy making cakes, then it can be easier and cheaper to make your child’s first birthday cake yourself. You can find lots of 1st birthday cake designson the internet to inspire you. You can also use it as a motivation to learn how to ice a cake properly, or to make little figurines for the top of the cake. In terms of the theme of the cake, you could go for:

  1. A simple pink or blue theme. This will allow you to concentrate on getting the piping right, as you’ll just want a simple icing layer in your desired color. Some of the more fancy 1st birthday cake designs in blue or pink have several different shades of the color, and this is easy to achieve by adding more or less of the appropriate food coloring.
  2. A personalized cake. By spelling out their name, you can create a wonderful memory for them to look back on. Writing with icing is a great skill to learn, but make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to practise.
  3. A themed cake around their favorite cartoon or book character. While your child may not be able to understand books or the TV fully, they will show a preference for certain characters. Using these as a theme will help you get the colors right, as well as giving you the opportunity to practise making the figurines.
It will always be worth having a few practise runs if you’re making your own cake to make sure that it looks perfect on the day. For fillings, either choose one that you and your partner enjoy, or go for a generic party favorite like chocolate or vanilla, as your baby will not be eating much, if any, of it.

Going Professionally

For those with a little less time or a little more money, getting a bakery to make your child’s cake can be a great option. You can pick from one of their 1st birthday cake designs, or give them some guidelines as to what you would like it to look like.

The main advantage of getting the cake made by professionals is that you can get them to make a photo cake. This is where you give them a digital picture of your baby, and they’ll give you a cake with the photo in edible icing on the top.

If you’re still not sure which of the 1st birthday cake designs to go for, choose one that you and your partner like. At the end of the day, your baby won’t be able to appreciate what’s going on, and the only congratulations you’ll be getting is from your guests.

Above all, remember that the aim of the day is to celebrate your baby’s life and gather your friends and family around you. The cake is only ever going to be a small part of your celebrations.

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