Choosing 18th Birthday Decorations and Other Great 18th Birthday Ideas

The 18th birthday decorations that you choose are an important part of the day. Your main options will be to have a formal dinner to mark the occasion or a big disco prom style night...

The Formal Dinner

18th birthday ideas for a sit down meal allow you to celebrate becoming a legal adult, so your color themes should be down the black and metals theme.
Gold and silver really stand out, and look incredibly sleek and grown up. You will also want to think about having the dinner professionally catered, so that all of the table utensils will match.
Gold Confetti Stars look geat on a black table cloth. Party favors could be a way to introduce a bit of fun to the event with small toys or magic tricks. Finally, insist that your guests turn up in ball gowns and tuxedo’s to complete the effect.

The Prom Style Disco

Hiring out your local school or community hall for the event makes for a great evening venue. However it can make picking out the right 18th birthday decorations a bit harder, as you will have to come up with the theme yourselves. Get your every-one involved with the decoration ideas, and you may find that they want to take control of this part of the event. If you’re really stuck for ideas, try:
  • A film star theme. This allows for a good level of fancy dress, and it’s very open to interpretation. Decorations here will need to look glitzy, and there has to be a Red Carpet as the guests enter.
  • A sports theme. Another theme that allows your guests to get as dressed up as they want. Finding appropriate sports decorations for an 18th birthday shouldn’t be hard, as all you’ll need are large numbers on the wall and pennants and logos for all the big teams. For an extra special look, try to find a cardbaord cutout of a favorite player or idol.
  • A music star theme. If you can, hire a local band to play the event. It will be even better if you can persuade some friends to play. In terms of decorations, giant cardboard cutouts of musical instruments will look great, as well as posters of favorite bands.
It is easy to spend a fortune on creating the right 18th birthday ideas, so make a budget before you start and stick to it. However, don't forget to search for great 18th birthday cake ideas.And of course you'll need to set aside some funds for 18th birthday gift ideas.
The best inspiration for your 18th birthday decorations will be interests, hobbies and aspirations. There is no point in picking a theme or event that they don’t enjoy, so make sure you talk to them beforehand about what they’d like to happen. Likewise, make sure the type of event you choose is one that will be in their comfort zone. Go to Great Happy Birthday Ideas Home Page from 18th Birthday decorations Go to 18th Birthday Ideas from 18th Birthday Decorations

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