My 14th Birthday Party Ideas

OMG I can not believe I'm thinking about 14th birthday party ideas already.
My last birthday was a total disaster, I let Kerry (best friend) plan it for me and only 2 people ended up coming :o( So this year I'm going to make up for it and have a happy 14th birthday.

14th birthday party ideas

Mum's given me budget of £100. I thought that sounded a lot until I checked out hiring a limo and that blew the entire budget. Dad suggested I asked every-one to contribute £10 to the limo ride which would pay for it, but I feel a bit tight asking them all, so I'm not doing that.

Hannah wants me to have a sleepover, but then I won't be able to invite any guys. I really want to invite Mark, he's cute and Kerry will want to bring Kyle since they're going out now.

I posted a question on yahoo asking for 'suggestions for a 14th birthday party', and some-one sent me some really good birthday ideas. Bonfire and BBQ. Dad says we can build a bonfire at the bottom of the garden, and he'll do the BBQ. I've found a really cool site where I can do free birthday party invitations.

OK, I got so busy planning my party I forgot to write any more before my birthday.

It was such a great last night. Loads of people came, we nearly ran out of sausages! Kirsty and I decorated the garden with the outdoor Christmas lights. The guy down the road gave us a load of wood for the bonfire, but we had to cart it all round in Dad's wheelbarrow!

We spent £50 on sausages, burgers, drinks and stuff for the BBQ, and had enough left from some sparklers and fireworks!

We set some speakers up out side, which Dad connected to the pc, so we had cool music all night. Sam had this really fab drinks fountain so she bought that round and we filled it with green drink we invented with lime and 7up.

Once Dad had done the cooking, the adults went inside and left us to party after it started getting dark. We had the fireworks at midnight and most people left after singing a really stupid happy 14th birthday song that Paul made up. Kirsty and Hannah stayed over, we scared ourselves silly watching scary movies until about 4am!

14th birthday cake

Mum had made this cake, we were having such a great time that we forgot about it until every-one had gone home! I got a good picture of it though.

I was really happy with my 14th birthday party ideas. Every-one's been leaving messages on Facebook saying how great it was. I can't wait for school tomorrow!

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