13th Birthday Gift Ideas Guide : Gifts for 13th birthday

Coming up with interesting and unique 13th birthday gift ideas can be difficult, not that they're fussy anything, but...!

I've searched Amazon and found these solid ideas for a teen gift. They have been chosen for their value, popularity and high number of good customer reviews

Recommended Teen Gifts

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A Tough Watch for Every Day Use

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Sonicbomb clock as a 13th gift idea

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Stick To Your Budget

No matter how good your 13th birthday gift ideas are, you will still need to set a budget and keep to it. It’s very easy to try and buy good behaviour through a lavish gift, but in reality this just sets the bar higher for the next birthday. If you’re not sure how they will react to you, tell them that you have a set budget and ask them to research things that they would like that fit into that budget.

Getting Out

While a lot of today’s teenagers seem plugged into some sort of electronic device, some of the best 13th birthday gift ideas involve taking them out of their comfort zone into the real world. You could take them to:

  • A sports game - Be sure to pick one that you both like, even if the team that they like plays in a different city. Make sure that you give the event status by not allowing any of their siblings along. You’ll need to decide if you want to take their friends with you.
  • Go camping - If they are into outdoor pursuits, take them to your local outdoor shop and buy them a new tent and accessories to use. Then head off into the wilderness to put it to the test.
  • Go carting - This day out works best when you have a large group of people to compete against, so you may need to combine it with their birthday party. Decide in advance whether you’ll pay for the whole day, or whether you are going to ask their friends’ parents to pay for their own child.

With experiential 13th birthday gift ideas, you’re showing your child that with increasing age there is now an increased scope of things that they can do. However, you need to make sure you pick things that they value to make a good present. On the whole, it is a better idea to tell them in advance and gauge their reaction rather than springing it on them as a surprise.

Tangible Gifts

If you feel that your child would appreciate an actual present to open on their birthday, be sure to check with them first. You may want to try and mark their passage into young adulthood with a nice journal or a first edition book, but these gestures may go completely over their heads. Likewise, buying them something generic such as an mp3 player or tablet device may not give you that sense of occasion as you hand them their gift. A subscription to a magazine on a subject in which they hold an interest would work well, as would some decorations for their room, such as framed prints.

Whichever of these 13th birthday gift ideas you choose, remember that your child’s age and their maturity level might not correspond. If you have a very young 13 year old, then it’s still ok to buy them toys. Likewise, if they are old beyond their years, you’ll need to buy them a more adult gift.

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