Make Your Own 12th Birthday Party Invitations: Birthday Invitation Ideas

For your child choosing the right 12th birthday party invitations will be as important as the actual day itself. For them, the invitation represents the first time that their friends will find out about their party.

Around this age is when children start to judge themselves against their peers, and they become aware of what is ‘cool’ or not. As a general rule of thumb, as their parent, if you think that it’s cool, it probably isn’t.

You’ll need to sit down with your child to discuss the theme of the party, and this should give you the birthday invitation ideas you need.

Using the Computer

Making 12th birthday party invitations on your computer is a much cheaper way of inviting your guests, and offers a similar level of creativity as hand-made invitations. It also means that each invitation will be identical, and it will save you a lot of time.

However, either you or your child will need to be quite technically astute to put together a truly memorable design, and you may find that you need an additional piece of publishing software to give you the flexibility you need.

Hand Made Kids Birthday Invitations

If your child enjoys doing art and craft activities, then making your own set of 12th birthday party invitations will be a fun experience for both of you. Hand made invitations have lots of advantages over printed ones:

  • Personalized - They can be totally unique so that no two people get the same kids birthday invitation. You can also add little messages or comments to each person. Adding a photo of your child and the guest from when they were younger will make for invitations that will last.
  • They can be 3D - Use buttons, googly eyes and pop out bits to really bring the invitations to life. You will need to set aside plenty of time to experiment with the designs to get them just right.
  • They can be interactive - You could make a motion picture flick book to give the guests clues about what they’re going to be doing, or create a color by numbers drawing for them to discover the theme for the party.

Hand-made 12th birthday party invitations can be be more expensive, as you’ll need to provide the materials for each one individually. This does mean that it is a good option for a smaller party.

Internet Resources

Here's some of the best free printable birthday invitations:

Choose a template from many kinds of inviations and customise with you own text, stamps and photo before printing out ready to send

A range of party invitations for you to print out and then hand write your details in. Family Crafts also has templates for place cards, party hats and thank you notes.

Select your design, add your text andfont colour, press submit and it generates your invites to print out.

This site has the largest selection of invitation ideas that I found, with lots of crafty ideas for designing your own, with templates and detailed instructions

OK so what can't you find on netmums! Here you will find a host of black and white templates to be printed out that the kids can color and write inthe details.

If making your own invitations on the computer sounds too difficult, there are hundreds of birthday party invitations available for free download on the internet. Simply enter your child’s birthday party theme into a search engine and see what comes up.

The only downside with using internet templates is that usually you may not edit them. That is, once you download them, you won’t be able to change the pictures or layout of the page. The best way to use these templates is as a source for ideas for your own templates, either made by hand or on the computer.

Depending on how mature your child is, you could leave the design and production of the 12th birthday party invitations to them. However, if you decide to go for the hand made option, it can be quite a good bonding experience. Just remember to let your child lead the way in terms of the content and the layout, and only step in with practical advice and demonstrations of certain craft techniques.

By doing this, you’re giving them the skills to make their own invitations next time round, and helping them to gain the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you’ve made something by yourself.

If you lack the time or talent needed to create hand-made or computer-generated invitations, you can always go to your favorite card retail outlet and buy a packet of invitations. You may have to do a bit of searching to find one that matches your chosen party theme, in which case a trip to Party City or other party supply store will probably have invitations that match your party décor.

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